Thyroid Nodules And The Risk Of Cancer

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Thyroid nodules are small lumps that usually appear in the thyroid gland. The thyroid nodules can indicate a thyroid neoplasm or a cancer. The neoplasm is a tumor of the thyroid and it can be benign or malign. Most patients diagnosed with neoplasm after discovering the thyroid nodules are between 25 and 65. The neoplasm appears mostly on women. A small percentage of the thyroid nodules indicates cancer, which can be described as malign neoplasm. Fortunately, this type of cancer can be treated with the help of surgery, by resection or during a treatment with radioactive iodine. Also used to cure this awful disease discovered through thyroid nodules are chemotherapy and radiotherapy. If this type of cancer exists in the family’s medical history of the patient that has the thyroid nodules, chances are high that he or she will also be diagnosed with this disease.

Another action associating thyroid nodules with thyroid cancer is the prior radiation of the patient’s head or neck. Exposure to radiation is extremely dangerous. Even so, this is indicated in cases of tonsillar hypertrophy, acne vulgaris or Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Thyroid nodules revealing cancer were an important problem for children that used to live near the Chernobyl area when the tragic accident happened back in 1986. The nuclear plant disaster threaten the lives of those living in the area even now, as many suffer all kind of diseases, mostly associated with thyroid nodules. Unfortunately, for the people exposed to radiation for so much time, the prognosis in case of thyroid cancer is really poor.

Even so, the apparition of thyroid nodules does not necessarily imply that the patient has cancer. The family history is very relevant in all cancer cases and in most of them, those who had the disease in the family, unfortunately, may inherit it. As the family connection of the patient with the person who had cancer is closer, the chances to suffer of the same problem are higher. The most important thing for persons who develop thyroid nodules is to go for an emergency check. As soon as the problem is discovered, it is easier to be treated.

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