Thyroid Nodules Treatment

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Thyroid nodules are abnormal growths located on the thyroid gland. The treatment recommended to patients which have been diagnosed with thyroid nodules will vary from one case to another, depending on a series of factors. One of the most important elements in influencing thyroid nodules treatment is given by the type of nodules formed. So, thyroid nodules can either be cancerous or non cancerous. When thyroid nodules are benign, or non cancerous, a medical intervention is not necessary required in all cases, and the doctor will be the one to establish the right way to address the health problem.

In case thyroid nodules are benign, treatment options can include therapy or surgery. Still, the first thing a doctor will recommend is to watch the way the nodules evolve. After a biopsy which has shown that the thyroid nodules formed are non cancerous, observation will be required to see if they grow larger or remain unchanged. In case the nodules tend to grow, an intervention will be a must. One way to get rid of thyroid nodules implies thyroid hormone suppression therapy, which takes the form of a pill. However, these pills based on levothyroxine, a hormone which is believed to stimulate the growth of thyroid tissue, have not been proved to have positive effects in all cases in reducing the size of the nodules. The best alternative to this therapy remains surgery. Surgery is mostly recommended in the cases in which the thyroid nodules formed are large enough to cause swallowing or breathing problems, but also when doctors have reasons to suspect that they can evolve and grow.

In the cases in which the thyroid nodules formed are cancerous, the most common treatment involves surgery. A surgical removal of the cancerous thyroid nodules, along with the affected thyroid tissue, is considered to be the best way to overcome the condition. Anyway, before being submitted to such a medical intervention, patients should know that thyroid nodules surgery supposes some risks, including the damage of the nerve which controls vocal cords. The procedure is called thyroidectomy. After surgery, treatment with levothyroxine based products will most likely be required to sustain the production of the thyroid hormone in normal amounts.

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